A Note From The Founder:

Welcome to Arjay Vintage! A home decor focused online vintage shop curated by me.

My love of vintage stems from my connection to my grandmother and my mother. When my grandmother passed, I found myself wanting to hold on to things from her home that brought back all of the special memories I had with her. She was the the picture of elegance. From the clothes she wore, the jewelry she used, the tableware she chose for her guests, everything was selected carefully and intentionally. No detail was too small.

My mother inherited the same attention to detail. She has always had a love of design and is always in search of unique pieces that will make her living spaces original.  Shopping is our favorite way to bond.

My grandmother's pieces are priceless to me and I plan to hold on to them forever but my connection to those things has inspired me to collect items that carry other people’s stories.

Owning vintage is an opportunity to give new life to pieces that already have a rich history and should not be discarded. The sustainability aspect is also something that I care deeply about.

I hope to inspire you to rethink the meaning of the word “new” and have fun with design. The smallest details can make the biggest difference.